For beautiful, healthy, nurtured skin at every age; SacredMe skin and hair care products are created to embellish the youthfulness and beauty that is already there, nurturing, maintaining, revitalizing and enriching one's most cherished Sacred Temple: the SacredMe. However, we are more than just an organic and natural beauty product website. We are powerful, compassionate healing women that have made women’s wellness and nature/natural healing for women and children as well as our planet and all living species and allies our top priority. We welcome you home and into the family of SacredMe for the love of “SELF” and the “WE”

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Coronavirus Message

From SacredMe

The ongoing safety tips on the Coronavirus is a major concern for those of us that are Naturopathic, Alternative Therapeutic, Spiritual, Indigenous and Birthing Practitioner’s. One confusion is how our pores work.

Our Skin has millions of pores that never close and can expand depending on climate, temperature, age, moisture, toxins, illness etc. Pores, which are tiny openings in the skin that allow fluid to pass are considered an orifice.  We are encouraging communities to use cool water with castile soap to wash the skin starting the process of cleaning and shrinking the pores. Then immediately apply an organic moisturizer adding one drop of therapeutic grade organic essential oils directly to the moisturizer before applying to your skin.


The recommended essential oils are:

  • Lemon Grass

  • Ravensara

  • Lavender

  • Rosemary

  • Bergamont

  • Lemon Balm

  • Lemon and other Citrus oils

  • Cedar wood

  • Cinnamon


These essential oils have positive effects on the skin as well as Anti-Viral/Bacterial/Fungal properties. Therapeutic oils can also be added to mouthwashes, food and bottled water.


Just as a reminder other body parts that are considered orifices are the anus, ear, genital areas, mouth, nipples, nostrils, and tear ducts.

Practice better than good hygiene and always safe sex.

Anti-Viral/Bacterial/Fungal Liquid Soaps, 

Sanitizer and Disinfectant Recipes 


1. Liquid Hand SoapIn 8 oz Container add  

  • 3 oz Organic Castile Liquid Soap  

  • 10-12 drops of Lemon Grass EO  

  • 3 drops of Ravensara EO  

  • 5 oz of water  

  • Shake and use

*also add a drop of each EO to pre-existing hand sanitizes

2. Anti-Viral/Bacterial/Fungal Disinfecting SprayIn 8 oz Spray Bottle (Double Recipe for 16 oz)  

  • 2 oz of Organic Castile Liquid Soap  

  • 3 oz of 70% Alcohol 

  • 3 oz of Water  

  • 3-6 drops of Ravensara EO  

  • 6 drops of Lemon Grass EO

  • Shake and use

Use on all surfaces and don't forget the Car.

Spray, wipe off and then spray a light coat on surface and let air dry


3. Making your Dish liquid Soap anti-everything

Add directly to your dish liquid soap container (16 oz)  

  • 10 Drops of Lemon Grass EO  

  • 3 Drops of Ravensara EO

Shake well, you can add water or Alcohol to dilute the concentration

4. Laundry

Add a few drops of Lemon Grass and 1 drop of Ravensara to the Liquid Soap in the proper compartment on the washing machine.