MaShiAat Oloya

NHP (Naturopathic Holistic Practitioner)

AWP (Alternative Wellness Practitioner)

Esthetician (LE), Kemetic Holistic Life Coach, Energy and Body Therapist, MH/CI (Master Herbalist/Certified Iridologist) 

Midwifery Consultant

Certified Doula 


Spiritual Consultant:

Queen Mother/MaShiAat (Kindred of ShiEndra, Inc.)

Mut/High Priestess (Kemetic/Dianic)

Iyanifa (Ifa)

Oloya Adedapoidle Tyehimba-Ford carries the title of MaShiAat (Queen Mother) and is a Holistic and Spiritual Practitioner, Midwife and Doula holding numerous degrees and certifications in nursing, Birth Coaching, Iridology, Esthetics, indigenous and complementary healing. She is co-founder of the Khepra Holistic Institute and co-creator of the Khepric Transformational Platform both dedicated to the concepts of complete wellness through holistic, indigenous and naturopathic modalities.

MaShiAat Oloya lectures and facilitates workshops with many local and national community, churches, activists and spiritual leaders. She is often considered a bridge between mainstream religious churches and indigenous spirituality, making it a personal crusade to dispel myths, expose the truth and similarities between the philosophies of these religious groups with the intent to build understanding, respect and unity among the people as a whole.

Contact MaShiAat Oloya

Phone:(510) 294-9249



“Belief in God-Self, Faith in Divine and the Power of Love with Compassion is the fuel behind all things Magical.” 

MaShiAat Oloya P. Tyehimba-Ford


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